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Aqualor Energi develops, operates and invests in energy centres and district heat networks that include the large-scale use of heat pumps. Heat pumps are a tried and tested technology that produce no on-site air emissions, can be zero carbon through use of power sourced from wind and solar PV, and able to benefit from cheap off-peak electricity. This addresses a rapidly growing market in the UK for heat networks that can provide heat (and cooling) at competitive prices, and with real environmental benefits. We bring together the expertise to deliver schemes producing heat up to 90 degC and have a supply chain of leading companies for their design, equipment provision, build and operation. Our solutions are flexible to meet the client’s requirements and include Aqualor being an energy supplier via a heat purchase agreement, or delivering an operational energy centre for the client to operate.


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Our business model is Design, Build, Finance & Operate (DBFO), following the experience of our founding directors, both chartered civil engineers, who for leading infrastructure companies were responsible for delivering and operating major public-private-partnership (PPP/PFI) projects.

"The good news is, there is a much better way to generate local heat: use heat pumps."

Sir David MacKay, Chief Scientific Advisor, DECC and Professor of Engineering, Cambridge University

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