Flexible services

Aqualor Energi services are based on a Design, Build, Finance and Operate model and are flexible whereby we can be an energy supplier via a heat purchase agreement, or deliver an operational energy centre or District Heat Network (DHN) for the client to operate.

We are wedded to the considerable benefits of heat pumps at scale and so addressing the market for energy centres and district heat networks. Typically, at this scale, Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHPs) are favoured as the energy source as water has a higher thermal mass than ground and much higher than air. In addition, Aqualor Energi is keen to also deliver schemes using recovered heat in the form of hot air from commercial and industrial sources. Such scheme become very efficient, and therefore cost effective, when there is a cooling load that can be served as well.

Whilst we would always want to include a heat pump, we are open to delivering hybrid schemes making use where appropriate of an existing, or new, Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant.

Flexible services
Flexible services

Hybrid plants

Heat pumps require power to drive the compressor pump. With a Coefficient of Performance (CoP) of say 3.0, a 3MW heat pump would require 1MW of power.

Hybrid plants

In some circumstances it may well be more financially viable to install a small CHP to provide the above power and also utilise the heat it produces to meet loads below the heat pump’s lower range.

Another example of a financially attractive hybrid scheme would be to install a heat pump alongside an existing CHP, typically where additional heat loads need to be met. The advantages of a heat pump can then be achieved whilst capitalising on an existing asset to generate the required power as well as some of the heat.

Current projects

Aqualor Energi (AE) is progressing two WSHP project opportunities: firstly the installation of a 3MW WSHP within an existing DHN owned by a leading authority, and secondly, a scheme in partnership with a local authority to comprise one or more DHNs, using WSHPs served by mine-water, to serve new major property developments.

For examples of existing heat pump projects click here.

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"The combination of heat pumps and low carbon electricity is the future of building heating."

Sir David MacKay, former Chief Scientific Advisor to DECC and Professor of Engineering at Cambridge University

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